Four commandments to become a winter lover

…Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day.

It´s freezeng arround… everywhere, but our mood is more than ready for a cold, windy, rainy and even snowy winter. Baby, it´s cozy inside.

winter lover

If your heart belongs to summer, these are the keys to become a homebird.

1. Knitted blankets are the answer.

winter lover

It started as a trend, but now it´s a way of life. You´ll enjoy days at home becoming a knitter (and will get a beyond cool blanket to get warm).

2. Hot tea is the new water.

winter lover

Just add some honey and a slice of lemon. We´d rather choosing hot chocolate, but summer is not that far away.

3. It´s all about flowers and candles

winter lover

Just because they look amazing together and you can instagram them.

4. Buy yourself some random cozy stuff

Let us give you some ideas…

winter loverwinter lover really nice things 7winter lover really nice things 8

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Frida Kahlo Inspiracional

“En realidad no sé si mis cuadros son surrealistas o no, pero sí sé que representan la expresión más franca de mí misma”

Así era Frida Kahlo, fiel a su genuino estilo, todo un mundo de color, el cual plasmaba en todas y cada una de sus obras de forma única, tratando de transmitir su particular visión del arte y de la vida.

Frida Kahlo, by Guillermo Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo, nacida en julio de 1907, fue una de las artistas más importantes e influyentes del siglo XX. Encasillar sus obras en un estilo definido sería cortarle las alas “pa” volar que le permitieron mostrar en sus obras su lucha constante, su sufrimiento y expresión propia en estado puro que consiguieron impresionar al mismísimo Pablo Picasso.

frida Kahlo


Más de 60 años después de su muerte, su obra e imagen siguen más vivas que nunca. Todo un símbolo del feminismo y de rebeldía que transmitía con fuerza y ha conseguido inspirar no solo en el mundo del arte, sino también en la moda o en la decoración de espacios interiores.

Te invitamos a que te sumerjas en el universo de Frida para inspirar tu ambiente con su mezcla de colores vivos, plantas, flores y formas.


El color y lo natural. Apostar por los motivos naturales es un win en toda regla que permitirán dar armonía a nuestro espacio a la par que gran viveza conseguida por la mezcla de colores cargados de ímpetu.

Las obras de Frida mezclan lo moderno con lo nativo; Fusiona lo neutral y lo colorido, llama con aire sutil a lo llamativo.


Lo moderno puede fusionarse con lo autóctono para crear ambientes eclécticos. Jugando con colores, madera, plantas y decoración vertical.

La luz será un aspecto clave a la hora de conseguir el objetivo deseado.

frida_ambiente3frida_ambiente4 frida_ambiente5frida_ambiente6

Desde Really Nice Things te traemos un pedacito de la artista mexicana con la colección exclusiva de Frida Kahlo. Te invitamos a que la disfrutes tanto como lo hacemos nosotros, a que lo vivas con los 5 sentidos e incluso descubras con el olfato como olía la casa de Frida.

fiesta de frida frida_vela3 frida_vela2 frida_vela1

Descubre todo nuestro universo Frida Kaloh haciendo click aquí

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Trends for the Kitchen Interior


One of the latest trends and designs we continue to see more and more industrial pieces processed in the overall kitchen environment. This seems to become a more and more popular trend. This is because the industrial pieces come with new and modern innovations processed into the final product. The latest trends involve such innovations like a large variety of different colours and sizes as well as certain alterations to make the industrial piece more suitable to the home environment, for example soft ends on the legs of stools, so they leave no marks on the floor when moved about, different kind of paint and coats so the paint doesn’t ware off as easily, and they have taken of the rough edges, so you won’t cut yourself on these interior pieces.
Another reason might be the fact that due to all of these alterations and innovations there is now a larger variety of different products available targeting more and different potential customers. The reason for that is that these interior pieces blend in rather easily into many different kinds of interiors for kitchens.



Another new trend is interpreting more green into the kitchen environment. The green brings the organic side more to the foreground. The green also brings more nature into your kitchen and with that comes more life. The green in your kitchen brings a great atmosphere. Like any other colour green has psychological effects. Some of these effects are growth and vitality, renewal and restoration, self-reliance, reliability and dependability, being tactful, emotionally balanced and calm, nature lover and family oriented, practical and down to earth, sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing, generous, kind and loyal with a high moral sense, adaptable, encourages ‘social joining’ of clubs and other groups, a need to belong.
Green is the great balancer of our mental, emotional and physical energies which is why there is so much green on our planet. Green is the heart centre of the body.
This is why a little bit of green in the kitchen can do wonders!


I am going to show you some examples of the industrial pieces in different kitchens, as well as some great examples of what a little green in your kitchen can do. You will see how well this works, we hope you get some inspiration from these great examples.



In this picture you can see a good example of an industrial styled kitchen. The use of the particular materials give this kitchen a very industrial feel. For example the brick wall finish results in a very though and sturdy feel. The use of metal and marble in the kitchen really contributes to the style as well. The choice of the furniture complements the style amazingly. And the small but noticeable touches of green have a great effect in this kitchen.



Here you can see a great blend of both the green theme as well as the industrial style, all processed into this kitchen. As you can see the little bit of green gives a natural feel and atmosphere to the kitchen. The green also complements the wood processed into the kitchen. As you can see it all goes really well together. The lamps in this picture stand out a lot as well, due to their strong character are a great addition to the kitchen. They complement the kitchen in an amazing manner.



This is a great example of a little bit of vintage processed in the style. Take the chairs for example they look great and because of the colour they represent a warmer feeling, combine this with the little bits of green in the kitchen and you get a warm yet natural feeling as well as atmosphere in your kitchen. The vintage chairs are a great addition to the kitchen as they give a lot of personality to this particular space.



This great looking kitchen has a lack of natural elements processed into it, despite the fact that the floor is made of wood there is still that bit of nature that misses if there was also a lack of green plants in this kitchen. As you can see there is a great natural presence due to the green elements in the kitchen.



Here you can see a great example of an industrial design kitchen with some natural elements. Some of these elements include wood on the furniture as well as a darker wooden surface. The industrial style is determined by the use of the different materials and furniture pieces, like for example the lamps and the stools which are more and more a trend. This kitchen has a lot of open space as well as a white which gives an even more spacious impression, but with the help of the natural elements like the floor and the wood in the furniture, the kitchen gets a warm feeling and an industrial style when all these elements are combined.

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New Products and Developments

Here at REALLY NICE THINGS we are constantly thinking of new creative ideas we can interpret into our new products. We constantly strive towards making sure that our customers receive the best that we have to offer. And bring them unique and creative products for you to enjoy in their comfortable home environment.

We are constantly designing new products and designs in order to bring our creativity in the best way possible to our customers. We are always thinking about new ways to improve our products as well as making the new ones better.

We have many new products we would love to tell you more about. Some of which include:

  • Esparto Cactus





  • The Laundry baskets





  • The Umbrella holders



  • The Copper Frame






With the resources our suppliers provide, we continue our surge to provide the best services and products to our customers. Our suppliers help make this possible for us. Some of the products our suppliers provides are:

  • Sofas






  • Some lights






  • Tables


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Pink Quartz colour of the year 2016


The colour of the year 2016, is actually for the first time two colours; Pink Quartz and Serenity Blue. These colours when joined together are a great balance between the warm reflection of the Pink Quartz and the cooler tone of the Serenity Blue. It brings a soothing sense of peace and order to the atmosphere.
This means that you will be able find these colours in clothes and products further on in the year, especially in the upcoming summer months. As they are more colours for the warmer seasons to be used. They are also very common in products that need to reflect neatness, order and sleekness. These colours are also very common in the particular Nordic style interiors


I will now be going into more detail about the Pink Quartz colour. This colour is a very smooth and warm colour. It gives peace to the mind. It is the light you see at the crack of dawn, the warm feeling you get when you are outside going for a walk and witness the great view of the rising sun.
Which is what is being recreated in some products in the fashion industry, also creating a gender blur in which there will be more women attracted to this colour as opposed to men.

In terms of the decorative value of this particular colour, it goes without saying that this colour looks great in almost any interior. The lightness of the Pink Quartz makes your interior look more sleek and clean. For example if you use Pink Quartz blankets with some light shades in Pink Quartz as well, your bedroom it will start to look more sleek and clean.

The same can be said about other products as well. There will be more products with this colour scheme in order to be up to date with the new colour trends. Such products could be found in our webshop:


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